Elite Magazine interviews our CEO, Ming Chiang

Living by his values, Ming Chiang

Recently our CasualHome.com CEO, Ming Chiang had the privilege of being interviewed by Elite Magazine. The focus is our mission statement, which is the driving force of our business. The following key points were taken from the interview.

Ming Chiang, CEO of Casual Home Worldwide Inc, has a sincere heart and wishes to positively impact his customers and community.  He is an avid philanthropist, serving as a regional director of the American Red Cross on Long Island. He is the first Asian in the greater New York region to hold such a position. In every facet of his life, Ming stands by his values and seeks the betterment of society through his actions.

The goal of Casual Home Worldwide is to foster community and provide the best for families and homes of all sizes. CasualHome.com, the brand-new online retail website, which sells only the top-quality furniture and consumer-centric home goods, was created to fulfill that goal.

Why did he want to build a brand-new online retail website? Ming has been a constant follower of Amazon since it first started selling books and music online.  By observing Amazon’s explosive growth, he realized the vast possibilities of rapidly increasing online sales.  However, over time, Ming discovered the underbelly of online retail. In today’s profit-driven world, instead of striving to craft a high-quality product and setting an appropriate price tag, companies “first set a price, and then make products within this price range,” he said.  “Problems with poor-quality workmanship and shoddy materials are extremely severe.” The problem has been further exacerbated by the fact that online retailing is based almost solely on customer reviews. Thus, manufacturers focus on making products that give a strong first impression and function well in the first few months or year, so they can amass favorable reviews and become top-sellers. They no longer concern themselves with ensuring that their furniture will endure for 10 or 20 years.

“This is not good for us, not good for anyone,” Ming said, as products deteriorate in quality and customers must frequently dispose of the products and purchase new ones, squandering the environments resources. To go against this trend, CasualHome.com sells only high-quality home goods guaranteed to last at least five years. This approach “does not earn us much profit,” he confessed, but for Ming, it’s worth it. He has heavily involved himself with relief efforts after natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy and frequently participates in philanthropic events in New York.

Recently, Casual Home kicked off its 2018 Corporate Partnership with North Shore Animal League America (NSALA)—the world’s largest no-kill animal shelter and rescue organization—by donating 174 plush pet mat beds to the nonprofit. 

Our future plans include attending the High Point Market, shopping for vendors with a similar vision, who will add diverse and unique products, for you, our customer, as without you, we would not exist.


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