Casual Home 100% Natural Pine Wood Non-Clumping Cat Litter


To all cat owners out there, try our Casual Home All-Natural Pinewood Cat Litter!

Our cat litter is made of 100% pine sawdust with no synthetic fragrances, petroleum derivatives, or harsh chemicals that could harm you or your cat. The all-natural pinewood composition gives the litter odor elimination abilities to trap odors for an extended period while pinewood fibers in the sawdust possess minor antibacterial properties, allowing more time to deal with wastes and disposal. The low dust composition keeps the litter where it should be, in the box and out of places that could trigger allergies. Its high surface area allows it to quickly trap and retain several times its weight in moisture. The presence of only natural materials renders the litter to be composted or flushed after use, no more messy dumping into the waste bin!

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