Adams Bookcase with Concealed Backside Drawer


Our Adams Bookcases are designed to be as effective as they are simple. The Adams Bookcase with Concealed Backside Drawer features a secret drawer at the rear of its base that remains perfectly flush when locked. Its concealment compartment stays neatly tucked under out of sight until its Secured Magnetic Locking Device is magnetically released with a swipe of its included key. Easily accessible, this bookcase also has 3 wide shelves to showcase books, photos, decor, and all your other belongings. The vibrant honey oak finish gives the bookcase a lively feel as the Solid Wood construction ensures lasting beauty, strength, and longevity. Ideal for those who value home security and privacy, the concealed compartment acts as an added layer of protection where and when you need it most.

  • Concealed backside compartment enables you to securely conceal firearms, valuables, and more (Dimensions – 19.75″W x 7.75″D x 1.75″H)
  • Classic bookcase design hides home defense in plain sight
  • Secure magnetic locking technology ensures safety when away from home
  • Easy access magnetic trigger design provides instant access when needed
  • 3 sturdy shelves provide space for books, family photos, decor, and more
  • Solid wood construction ensures lasting beauty and longevity

Coming: Fall 2018  

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