Lincoln End Table with Concealed Compartment


Elegantly simple, the Lincoln collection makes memorable statements with few words. Our Lincoln Nesting End Tables with Concealed Compartment is constructed from American Walnut and American Beech to form a naturally pleasant contrast that accentuates neighboring decor. The slide-out table top concealed compartment sits on the smaller table and comes equipped with a Secured Magnetic Locking Device and Key that is magnetically released with just a swipe for instant access. The nested style adds an additional layer of protection and concealment as the tables stand together. The Antique Walnut finish gives a modern style a classic appeal and the American Hardwood construction also ensures lasting beauty, strength, and longevity. Ideal for those who value home security and privacy, the concealed compartment seamlessly conceals firearms, valuables, etc. and acts as an added layer of protection where you need it most: home.

  • Smooth gliding concealed top compartment enables you to securely conceal firearms, valuables, and more (Dimensions – 12″W x 12″D x 2.5″H)
  • Elegant nested design hides home defense in plain sight
  • Secure magnetic locking technology ensures safety when away from home
  • Easy access magnetic trigger design provides instant access when needed
  • Perfect as an end, sofa, or chair side table
  • Solid wood construction ensures lasting beauty and longevity

Coming: Fall 2018  

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