CasualHome warrants that its products shall be free of all substantial defects in original material and workmanship within 5 years. This limited warranty does not cover apparent defects caused by abusive or abnormal use of the product, or failures resulting from inadequate inspection and maintenance.

For orders placed June 2018 and after, CasualHome may repair or replace, at its option, any portion of the product which proves to be defective under the terms of this limited warranty at no further cost to the buyer. Proof of purchase from CasualHome.com is required. Customer must present proof of defect in the form of images and/or actual defective product at the time of claim to CasualHome. CasualHome can and will request that defective product be presented for review at our discretion.

There are no implied warranties of fitness or merchantability, and there are no other express warranties
beyond the warranties expressed here. CasualHome shall be liable under this limited warranty only for
the cost or, the repair or replacement of defective products. All incidental or consequential damages
which may arise, including but not limited to business losses, personal property damage, and third-party
liabilities are hereby expressly excluded. Also, expressly excluded the damage resulting from sun/rain or
weather, and ink based products.

Please find the coverage of warranty below:

Fabric SeamsUnraveling, tearing, ripping, cracking or splitting
Chair Seat/BackCracking or breaking
Metal PartsBending or breaking
Table LegsBending or breaking
Chair FrameBending or breaking