Alligator Storage Container(Pack of 6)

by Livinbox


Livinbox Alligator Childrens Table and 46 Quart Toy Storage Container, BPA Free – Green(Pack of 6). This cute, character-filled table doubles as a storage bin, and is perfect for family room, playroom, nursery, or even the kitchen. It is not just an adorable table! Lift up the lid to reveal a handy storage area for toys, games, art supplies, clothes… the list goes on! Livinbox LaChatte and KeroKero Sit & Store stools fit snugly inside to create an all-in-one children’s play or snack table set.

  • Child friendly: Alligator Table is suitable for children of all ages and is made from sturdy, non-toxic, virgin PP plastic.
  • Easy clean: Plastic exterior is easy to wipe down when dirty and can be used in wet or dry environments.
  • Colorful: Alligator Table is available in a vibrant green inspired by the quirky creature it takes its name and aesthetics from.
  • Space-saving: Alligator Table saves space by doubling as both table and storage.
  • Sizeable: Measuring 23.4W x 16.7D x 16H”, LaChatte Sit & Store can support weights of up to 30 kg.
  • 5 years warranty.

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