An Invitation – Join us in supporting Save the Children’s Hurricane Relief Efforts for Irma, Harvey, and Maria

Casual Home supports Save the Children

We’ll be donating to Save the Children’s Hurricane Relief Efforts, and you can help too!


Join us in helping children get back to school, to safety, to home

Immediately after Hurricane Harvey struck the greater Texas area, we donated $30,000 to the American Red Cross to aid in relief efforts. The American Red Cross acted as first responders in Texas and Louisiana communities that were literally underwater from massive flooding in the wake of the storm. Providing search and rescue aid, food, shelter, medical attention, and a promise to help pave the path to recovery. However, we couldn’t stop there.

Casual Home, in support of Save the Children, will be offering a donation option at checkout through the end of October to help support the children that have been affected by Hurricanes Irma, Harvey, and Maria.

Hurricanes Irma & Harvey Fact Sheet

Why donate to Save the Children?

Save the Children has been a leader in ensuring that the most vulnerable people affected by natural disasters, children, are provided with immediate support for nearly 100 years. Natural disasters can shatter the foundation of a child’s world. Schools have been devastated, functioning daycares and places to play are scarce, and specialized infant and toddler care are in high demand in the aftermath. Focusing on school and daycare recovery, safe zones at shelters, as well as infant and child-specific medical care and needs, their efforts are vital to both the immediate and long-term recovery timelines.

“We respond to any emergency of scale anywhere in the world. We’re unique in that we’re specifically looking out for the welfare of children in an emergency. Sometimes those needs are very different from the needs of adults and the rest of the community.” 

We invite you to join Casual Home in supporting this cause today in order to help those who need our help now more than ever.  You’ll be able to donate to Save the Children at checkout through the end of October. If you would like to donate directly to Save the Children, please visit

Donate at Checkout or on Save the Children’s Website

Together, we can make an impact.
– The Casual Home Team